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August 26, 2020

MADRES Center researchers publish interactive StoryMap highlighting disparities and COVID19

Vivian Lee
USC Environmental Health

Our team of researchers from our MADRES Environmental Health Disparities Center (MADRES Center) recently published this interactive StoryMap. “Just as we see strong disparities along racial and ethnic lines with environmental exposures, susceptibility and health outcomes, we are increasingly seeing similar patterns emerge with COVID-19. We built this story map to shed light on how these factors overlap and co-exist in MADRES neighborhoods,” said MADRES investigator Rima Habre, ScD.

Our MADRES Center investigates how disproportionate exposures to environmental contaminants, in conjunction with population susceptibility factors, impacts maternal and child health disparities in Los Angeles, CA.

Preview the StoryMap below or click here for the full experience. and COVID-19 StoryMap. Find the full interactive version of this map here.

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